Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Identity, Motivation, and Engagement

Identity Informs Motivation and Engagement-- Death Match of Social Learning
Identity Informs Motivation and Engagement-- Death Match of Social Learning

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New Artists

In the course of our time, we are going to provide insight through our music, our words, and our readings.

On Mondays, words spoken and read. This is a day for reading and discussing the words composed and expressed by others both on paper and vocalization.

On Tuesdays, we focus on new lyrics, their expression and performance, and the work of others. This is a day for song creation and producing the music to enhance the message.

On Wednesdays, we focus on identity and how we brand our talent -- how we seek others to perceive us through media, expression, action, and appearance.

On Thursdays, quiet days for silent reading and reflection. What it is and what it is about.

This experience is about the creation of a work that will express with words, their expression through voice and choice. The structure of this includes:

A well-composed selection of music, lyric, and cover art. The album will contain 13 songs with lyrics gathered from:
  • 4 poems
  • 1 cover song
  • 1 from a section of a novel
  • 1 from a section of a newspaper
  • 2 original lyrics
  • 4 choice
This project is going to be evaluated on:

  • the Album Concept
  • Blog selections and production
  • Description of identity and performer persona and image
  • Marketing ideas, branding, and publicity
  • Production value of the music and lyrics
  • iTunes production
  • Lyric selection and description of reasoning as it relates to your album concept
  • Thursday posts on readings and reflections
  • Commentary and support given to other artists.

Assignment 1

The Found Poem

You will need:
A book

With this poem we are going to focus on voice. Voice is made up of a number of features.

You will need to consider the voice of this narrator when you read it.

You will be reading this poem into garage band.

Decide how it should be read.

The key to reading as performance is volume, tone, and emphasis.

Are some words elongated by you for emphasis and meaning?
Are they shortened? Why.
How does tone, emphasis, and volume effect meaning and message?

Consider who the narrator is and how the narrator may be expressing feeling and information and how.
  • Are they angry, bitter;
  • Are they laughing and making fun of their mother?
  • Are they tired and worn out with this person?
  • What is their emotional tone?

Garage band