Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 1 JPP2 April

Overview of the Week 

Language Arts     

Book for study -- Watership Down -- Link to book
Study Packet for Watership Down -- Link to packet


Making Games with Computer Science and Algebra  -- Sign up as a class member

Grade 7 -- Link
Grade 8 -- Link
Khan Academy          
Lightbot -- Link
Lightbot Variables Assignment -- Link

Silent Reading    

Five points a session:
  • Bring your own book

Social Studies

Crash Course! Link


Cornell notes --Link

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ice Breaker -- June 25th

You have been selected to travel the world. Before you go, you can have a special party to invite six people to join you. 
  1. Copy the image above, and fill in the place cards with the names of six special people you would like to join you on your travels. 
  2. After writing in their names on the place cards, list three personality traits that make them special to you. There is a list of personality suggestions below.
  3. Go through the traits you listed for each person. Below your table, list the most common traits as a top 3. 
  4. Go to each student in your class, write their name on your paper, and list their top 3.
  5. Report