Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sail Away

This unit explores the role of engineering, physics, and mathematics in sail and boat design.

You will design a small scale sail boat to compete in a variety of competitions, including:

  • Speed
  • Stability
  • Weight transfer
  • General purpose

In order to be successful and receive a grade you can be proud of, you should:
  • Design and describe a hull for a sailboat. 100 points.
    • You should give support for why you are designing the hull in the design you have chosen. Specifically, will your hull be designed for a specific competition, or for the general purpose Grand Prize? Give your reasoning that supports your design and utilize information you have gathered to support your design approach

  • Describe the process of using Autodesk Inventor 80 points
    • What buttons you pushed, what shapes you used, how you connected those shapes, and what commands you made in the software to create the final product.
    • This hull shape does not need to include the bow, just the hull, transom, and keel shape.

  • Create a sketch of the hull in your engineering notebook 40 points
    • This should include four perspectives:
      • The back end: transom
      • The bottom: the hull
      • The side view: the gunwales
      • The top view: the deck
      • This should include the measures and descriptions of how you might construct the boat from foam.

  • Create a 4 perspective technical drawing of your boat hull 60 points
    • Create a technical drawing of your sail and describe the measures and materials you will use to build it and why.
    • Use the vocabulary in your reasoning and design description
  • Construct the boat based upon your design 100 points
    • Test and refine your design
    • keep notes and track your design and construction
    • measure times, weights, and degree of turbulence and average these.
    • create a graph that displays the distribution of the tracked measurements
  • Construct the boat and answer the questions in the Sail Away Packet 60 points
  • Race the boat 40 points
  • Reflect and describe your experience 60 points
  • Take the vocabulary quiz
  • Take the conceptual quiz describing how wind and water effect boat design 20 points
  • Post your measurements and charted averages, a picture of the boat, your team, and post it on your blog 60 points
    • Make sure that you post a description of the design process and use the vocabulary
Total points available: 640

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