Thursday, May 8, 2008

Making a box for your cube

Now that it is Friday, and you have handed in your:
  • Puzzle Cube Walkthrough
  • The Isometric Practice Packets
  • Your Assembled 3d puzzle cube
You should be thinking about how you will create a sheet metal box to hold your cube.

  • The box should be measured to allow the cube to slide in and out easily
  • It should have a hinge
  • It should have a lid
  • You should account for how the sides will be attached: spot weld, rivet, Pittsburgh seam
First draw the box in your notebook.
You should include all of the perspectives and two isometric views
You should draw the box unfolded
Try make the box in one piece if possible, and if not, show what other pieces will be included.
Annotate your drawings so that you have a written description of what is being displayed and how it will be manufactured.


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