Monday, June 1, 2009

Learning Roles

The learning role assignment is worth
40 points.

This is a brief write up on the learning role that you chose and your response to the questions with evidence supporting your position.

The Learning Roles questions will be answered with the questions restated. The highlights from the learning role questions will be used to answer the guiding question for each role. These should be written with supporting evidence as a paragraph with a minimum of five sentences of support

For example:

Code Breaker: How do I crack this code
  • How do I solve the difficult problems?

Participant: What does this game mean to me?
  • How do you relate to it – how do I make sense of it compared to the rest of the world.

User: What do I do with this game?
  • What strategies should I use to make sense of it?
  • How can I purposefully navigate it and solve the puzzles?

Analyst: What does this text do to me?
  • Are there issues of equality in this game?
  • What are the politics and assumptions?

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