Monday, December 3, 2007

The First day of the Games Unit at Washburn IED

This post is a description of our group members, the game we are going to examine, and our work plan, which includes a schedule, and knowledge of the assignments that that will be due at the end.

The projected work that will happen over the course of the assignment on a day-by-day basis.

    • The blog
      • Daily reflections on what I learn about the game and what my group does
    • The work plan
      • this is our schedule and what we plan to get done
    • Learning Roles
      • codebreaker
      • user
      • participant
      • analyst
    • The walkthrough
      • a walkthrough is a document which attempts to teach a player how to beat or solve a particular game. Many people consider walkthroughs to be a form of cheating, but no game is suited to be a fair challenge to everyone.
    • Game analysis
      • I am going to use a rubric to score the game on how well it is designed
    • Presentation
      • We will present our walk through, what we found from answering questions on learning roles, and analysis of the game.
    • Reflection
      • I will write a short reflection on what I learned about this game and game design.
  • The assigned functional roles:
  • Reflections of team members of what happened each day.
  • What was completed?
  • What was learned?
  • What was the process like?

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