Sunday, October 4, 2009

Monday -- Am Lit // BAV

 This picture might give you some sense of what it might have looked for the early American colonists.
We briefly explored who these people were, and why they might have come to America:
  1. Speculators
  2. Tradespeople looking to create new markets
  3. People wanting their own land and escape from feudalism
  4. Indentured servants
  5. Criminals
  6. People facing religious persecution

We will be reading in class, however, BAV has their own books, so I would like to see you reading ahead.
We also have access to the study guides -- which you should print out and put in your 3-ring binder.

We will be briefly going over 7.5 in class from your SYNTAX packet on Compound Sentences
We will read with the audio file playing for both classes.

Be sure to have all handouts and any papers that have been returned in your 3-ring binder for a grade for being complete to this day -- all handouts.

If you do not have them, you should go to the blog and print them out.

We will have a quiz on Thursday from the study guide and SYNTAX packet.


7.5 due in class Monday

Complete packet for compound sentences is due on Thursday at the beginning of class! 
Look for a POP - Quiz Thursday -- no notes -- all questions come from packets.



7.5 due in class Monday

Complete packet for compound sentences is due on Tuesday! 
Look for a POP - Quiz Thursday


Study Guide for Frederick Douglass

Audio/ MP3 files for download 

Time line of Early African American Experience

Slavery in the Colonial United States

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