Friday, October 9, 2009

Am Lit --The Scarlet Letter /// BAV Langston Hughes Packet

The Scarlet Letter
Painted by T.H. Matteson

Audio Files for listening 

Redemption Monday will be rescheduled for Tuesday, October 20th.

We will begin the Scarlet Letter on Monday, October 12th, 2009

and end this unit with Exam 2 on Monday, November 9th, 2009

There will be one more quiz before Exam 2.

I would like to suggest that you purchase this book or go to the library and borrow it -- reading it in class will not be enough. In college, one must often read a thing twice to really get it.

A strategy for you:

  1. Read the Enotes
  2. Read the Packet B and GUESS --yes -- Guess, but write in pencil; then write the correct answer when you find it in the book.
  3. Read the book before we meet so you can participate in discussion and ask questions about the classroom activities -- packet A
  4. Take notes on vocabulary, note page numbers in your packets and journals for the open-notebook exam.
  5. Answer the study guide packets thoroughly since this is where the next quizzes will come from.
  6. Form discussion groups and really use them -- test each other; create a project to help you extend beyond memorization.
One of the key differences between high school learning and college learning is the difference between




Typically students are not asked beyond facts--things recalled from the reading. In college you will be asked to take what you remember from the books and formulate theories and inference about what is going on, or what could possibly happen in the story, equation, or setting being observed. This is called hypothesis testing, where you create a theory based upon the available evidence, make a prediction to test the theory, and then see if the theory passes the test.

The ideal is not to prove your theory, but to test your theory and find a truth.

Being correct does not make a thing a truth.

A truth needs testing.


Langston Hughes

Go through the packet and follow the directions. You may work with one other person, no more.

This packet is due when I return on Tuesday and will be part of the next quiz and exam -- do a good job!

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