Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 2

Overview of the Week 
Language Arts     
Book for study -- Watership Down -- Linkto book
Study Packet for Watership Down -- Link to packet
Time line assignment -- Link

Making Games with Computer Science and Algebra  -- Sign up as a class member

Grade 7 -- Link
Grade 8 -- Link
Khan Academy        
Lightbot -- Link
Lightbot Variables Assignment -- Link

Silent Reading    
Five points a session:
  • Bring your own book
Social Studies
World History -- Guns, Germs, and Steel
Episode 1 -- Link

Episode 1 Assignment

This lesson explores, in depth, the theory of "geographic luck" outlined in detail in Episode One. Learning the basics about Jared Diamond's theory, you will explore how the location, natural resources, and the native species and climate provided in certain geographic regions led these civilizations to become more profitable, stronger, and more powerful than others around them.

You will learn about the importance of cultivating specific crops and the domestication of certain animals species and how these two advances led to significant advantages that advanced technology and built significant wealth and power in the world. 

Episode 2 -- Link
Episode 3 -- Link 


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