Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 5

Nuthanger Farm

Overview of the Week 
Language Arts     
Book for study -- Watership Down -- Link to book
Study Packet for Watership Down -- Link to packet
Time line assignment -- Link

Quiz 4 Tuesday Chapters 24 - 32
Quiz 5 Friday Chapters 32- 47

Math  -- due this week:

Collision Detection

Khan Academy   -- 2 hours

Silent Reading    
Five points a session:
  • Bring your own book
Social Studies
Poster -- scale your walking map: take the map in your Cornell notes and enlarge 5x
Section 1: Large scale map with buildings of interest marked
Section 2: List the buildings of interest in the legend -- LINK to definition
Section 3:

  • Provide your hypothesis: Older houses are built next to newer houses (example)
  • Provide a possible explanation: As property values rise, properties were split. 
  • Provide evidence (this could be done with evidence from Hennepin County -- LINK

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