Friday, January 22, 2010

EDC 533/ 310 Learning & Dev in Ed Settings

Going to the Jungle Jumble  -- TO chunking, miller, simon, and that research on memory.
Cooperation and distributed memory -- the memory outside of our heads.
What do we actually need to learn and what can we look up.
Read the Jean Anyon article in your infinite time.

Read Dubbels Article on Social Learning
Testing and differentiated instruction.
Formal and informal instruction
Learning Autobiographies.

We will be finishing the Learning Autobiographies next week
This will include an assessment activity that includes review of the rubric
Clapping academy
Discussion of criteria and excellence
Quiz on chapters 1-3 -- you will need a personal computer or cell phone with texting capability
Discussion of wiki
Presentation of chapters 4 and 5
Arrangement of future chapter presentations
Observational techniques and arrangements

Make sure you consider how you will assess and evaluate your workshop on chapters 4 and 5

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